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Welcome to Calderdale Community Energy

Calderdale Community Energy (CCE) is a newly formed Community Benefit Society. Our goal is to enable low carbon and renewable energy schemes to take place in Calderdale to benefit local communities.

Community Energy is a term which covers a wide range of projects: from education to renewable energy installations to community wide collaboration on networks.

There are lots of benefits from community energy projects:

  • A sense of ownership of their energy security and future
  • Reduced costs or a financial return for the community
  • Communities become stronger, more self reliant and resilient by generating their own energy and using it efficiently.

Why is Community Energy important?

Everybody in Calderdale needs energy. As a region, we spend a massive £460 billion every year on electricity and gas.

Reducing the amount of energy we use by being more efficient

  • Cut bills, leaving us with more money to spend in the local economy
  • Reduces air pollution, CO2 emissions and helps us to avoid climate change

Generating power and heating from renewable energy:

  • Cuts CO2 production, reducing our impact on climate change
  • Strengthens the local economy by keeping money in Calderdale

  • Increases local cooperation and expands ownership of the energy supply chain

  • Uses Calderdale’s unique heritage and landscape in positive ways

  • Creates independence from overseas fossil fuel suppliers and price increases

Calderdale Community Energy newsletter signupHow does CCE help?

Our aim is to support individuals and organisations trying to establish or grow community renewable energy schemes in Calderdale. We will –

  • Support local communities to set up viable co-operatives which will own and manage their renewable energy projects using local knowledge
  • Create affordable options for people to invest in financially sustainable, community-owned energy enterprises

  • Work with Calderdale Council and other landowners to identify sites where RE is workable

  • Undertake or arrange feasibility studies for renewable energy schemes on identified sites

  • Help local community groups produce clear business plans and help them raise finance to develop individual projects

  • Carry out any other support needed to get projects off the ground, or signpost communities to other advice where necessary

CCE will recoup initial develop costs from projects to reinvest in further community energy schemes.

For more information…

Please contact us if you want to find out more or you have:

  • A community group wanting to start up a RE scheme in Calderdale

  • A site you own or know about which might host a RE scheme

  • Time to spend on developing a RE scheme in Calderdale

  • An interest in investing in local community energy

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