I am struggling to afford energy bills

Struggling to pay your Bill?

Don’t despair – you can get help. Here is our advice.

  1. Contact your energy supplier as soon as you realise you might have trouble paying your bill – debts are harder to pay off if they grow.
  2.  Tell your supplier what you can afford to pay – they have to take this into account in agreeing your repayments
  3. Call the Council’s Home Energy Action Team (HEAT), the Citizens Advice Bureau or the Home Heat Helpline to find out about help available – contact details here
  4. If you’ve not reviewed your energy tariff in the last 2-3 years you could get a cheaper deal by changing supplier or paying by direct debit. Your BESN Champion Anne Handley can help  – contact details here
  5. Think about fitting energy saving works to make your home warmer AND cheaper to heat. Low cost draught proofing, radiator reflector panels, letter box brushes, pipe lagging and a hot water tank jacket all reduce heat loss.  Depending on your circumstances, subsidies towards more expensive insulation and heating work costs might be available through Better Homes –  contact details here
  6. Speak to your energy company and register for the Warm Homes Discount and Priority Services Register (qualifying criteria apply) for discounts on your electricity bill and for help and advice about billing and tariffs.
  7. Think about how you pay for your energy.  Cheaper tariffs and better discounts are available through online electronic billing with credit meters and direct debit payments compared to pre-payment meters and card top ups.

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