Power Calderdale Presentations

The Power Calderdale event was held at Square Chapel on 3rd May 2017.

Morning Session (9.30 – 12.30) : Business and Economy

Cutting Costs, Cutting Carbon. Dru Widdowson, 6C + David Lees, ABS Print
When you are looking to cut your energy bills and reduce air pollution; where should you start? Who can help? Get top tips from energy expert Lucia at 6C and hear a local business talk about their journey
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District Heating in Halifax. Ben Adey-Johnson, ARUP
Cheaper bills, cleaner heating and local profits. It sounds great – but installing district heat means laying a completely new piping network down throughout our Town Centre. Do the benefits outweigh the headaches? Feasibility work is underway at present – come along to find out more.
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Cleaning up Buildings. Darren Garner, SSE
17% of our carbon emissions come from buildings. It’s hard to know where to start with cleaning up these assets – and heritage buildings are particularly tricky to get right. SSE will share a range of UK case studies to explain what technologies can help – and what the payback is like for your investment.
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Resource Efficiency Funding. Vincent McCabe, Leeds City Region
Leeds City Region (LCR) are currently offering grant funding and support to help small and medium-sized businesses identify and invest in measures which cut CO2 and waste. Could their funding help you?
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Afternoon Session (13.30 – 16.00) : People and Places

Climate Change and Public Health Impacts. Paul Butcher, Calderdale
Council Climate change is among the greatest health risks of the 21st Century. Rising temperatures and more extreme weather events cost lives directly, increase transmission and spread of infectious diseases, and undermine the environmental determinants of health, including clean air and water, and sufficient food. Actions to reduce carbon emissions are actions to protect and improve health for future generations and all organisations and communities have a part to play. ‘Society grows great when people plant trees in the knowledge they will never sit in their shade’.
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Transport Detox. Mary Farrar, Calderdale Council
It’s impossible to talk about cutting CO2 without talking about transport – it’s responsible for 24% of our collective carbon footprint. Air pollution levels are causing a range of health problems in our cities. Can we use local policy to encourage people to choose more active lifestyles – to improve health and drive down pollution at the same time?
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Calderdale – A Place That Floods. Amanda McDermott, Slow the Flow Calderdale
There is a huge amount of cross-agency collaboration and investment going on to protect Calderdale and make us more resilient. This includes work to make communities stronger and to improve both the rural and urban environment to provide natural flood management.  Could flooding turn out to be a positive force – could it actually make Calderdale a stronger, greener place? Some areas of Calderdale are becoming notorious for flooding. And climate change makes wetter winters and flooding more likely in the future.
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Green Value. Moy Cash, Calderdale Council.
So; we need to encourage people to exercise more. Improve mental health. Build stronger communities. Increase the economic value of our towns and houses. Cut Council spending. Increase biodiversity. And improve education.  That’s a big shopping list, but the evidence is mounting that engaging people in improving green spaces delivers all of the above objectives. Let’s find out more about Calderdale’s best green space projects and spread the word.
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There is also short video of the event on YouTube.

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