ACE Award

Climate Change is the biggest problem that young people will face this century. The generations to come will have to fight pollution and emissions as well as face the consequences wreaked by global warming: like flooding; increasingly extreme weather conditions and the loss of Britain’s landmass due to rising sea levels. They will have to make changes of their own and find new & innovative ways to combat climate change.

And it starts here…

The ACE Award (Advocates for the Climate and Environment) is a school accreditation made by Calderdale Youth Council to not only reduce schools’ carbons emission but also to increase their positive effect on our planet.

There are four levels of ACE: bronze, silver, gold & platinum.

To achieve each of these badges, schools must complete several tasks. These range from having no school trips that involve flights, to having a specific student leadership group dedicated to climate change.

ACE was designed to be an accreditation that would need commitment and cooperation from both teachers & students. Furthermore, if the ACE Award proves to be successful in Calderdale it may be expanded to schools across Yorkshire & Humber. This will help us continue to have an even greater positive impact on our planet.

Achieving the Award

To earn an ACE Award (bronze to platinum) schools must complete or have completed a certain number of these tasks. Please fill in this application form and email it to

Last updated 29th October 2020

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