Writing the Business Plan

Having carried out the technology options appraisal, decided your legal structure and investigated
possible financing options, it is time to write the Business Plan. You will need this, a. so that everyone is working to the same plan and b. to show potential investors facts such as why you’ve selected the technology and site, but also to show how you will deliver on your stated objectives – and prove what a good investment your project is, in numerical terms.

The Business Plan should include:

  • an initial executive summary, summarising the detail of the business proposal
  • a written overview of the business’ aims
  • its product or service
  • management team
  • financial forecasts and appendices, such as the CVs of key management members, market research data or technical product information.

The plan should explain in detail the reason the business is being established, what it will do and how that is different from main competitors, marketing key personnel and their experience.

The financial information should include full cost breakdowns, financing options and forecasts.

A full risk assessment should also be included.

There are lots of templates for writing business plans available on line. An example can be seen here.

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